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Conversations with Mother Evelyn

From me to you …



Last Sunday at the 10:15 a.m. service, our fabulous youth led us in an inspiring liturgy. They read the lessons, wrote and delivered the prayers, sang and encouraged us to join them in songs we all know from church camp days. The sermon about her experience after a car accident made us all understand not only Amanda Colburn’s faith, not only faith through the eyes of a group of wise-beyond-their-years young people; but Amanda opened our hearts to hear anew our own declarations of trust in the One Who created us and who holds us in his everlasting care. How blessed we were to be together for this powerful witness to all that is holy, all that is true. Thank you, dear youth, for being your wonderful selves and for being strong enough in your faith and in your trust of us to invite us in to your special world. Thank you, too, Alexandra and Curtis, for your love and faithfulness to guide these young people as they grow in wisdom and stature.

Blessings to each of you … and we’ll see you in church this week, wearing something red to celebrate the flames of the Holy Spirit coming down upon us this Pentecost. Oh … there’s the Parish Picnic afterwards! Bring a blanket or chair—we’ll be outside on the north lawn.


Whew! What a rollercoaster we’re on here at the Cathedral. Easter … Peter DeVeau’s retirement … asbestos abatement … staff moving over to Founders’ Hall … all the springtime ministries and activities … so much to take in … so much to ponder. And then, of course, the most important thing, and we have almost lost sight of it: the power of the resurrection to change our lives.

Today I sit at my new space in Founders’ Hall, looking out the window on our beautiful grounds and being almost overwhelmed by the beauty of spring in Kansas City. I’ve loved every place I’ve lived, adored the people I’ve been among, and faithfully worshipped our everloving Lord in the cathedrals and parishes I’ve served. So today’s beauty is both familiar and different–familiar because I see God’s graciousness in creation and in putting me in it; different, because it all feels very new to me.
I’ve been here several months now, but in a different role. To have stepped into the deanship, albeit as your intentional interim for a finite period of time, is a privilege and an honor. You are filled with the love and compassion of God’s grace that you know to be true, real and right. You have the heart for serving God’s people in and from this place and you embrace that wholeheartedly. You worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, as our beloved prayer book says, and know that without coming together in His name for strength and renewed commitment, all is for naught. How could I–or anyone else, for that matter–not be inspired to do the work I have been called to do?

Part of that work is leading you through this transition time between permanent deans. Different from past experiences, different from what you may be expecting, it is nonetheless an intentional time of reflecting on who we are, how we live into the call to serve God and God’s people, so that we can offer ourselves to whomever is called to walk alongside of you into the next holy time in your common life. It will be interesting for us all. It will be exciting for us all. It will challenge us all to be the people God continually calls us to be.

And it takes time … time to be together, time to be with everything we find out about ourselves, time to simply BE. And it cannot be rushed, nor will it be. Which means we will remind each other that what we are about and what the goal is, is in God’s good graces and time.

This is the vocation God has called me into–helping a parish know itself more fully and guiding you through the many questions and ideas that will enable you to even more completely be the Body of Christ you are called to be. We will walk through this time together, along a path and with a plan that is born out of faith, trust and experience. Soon you will hear about a series of “Conversations with Mtr. Evelyn,” in which we will talk about the time to come, answer each other’s questions and come to understand more about this process. Watch this space, the website, the Sunday bulletins for more information. It’s coming–I promise!

I’ll be writing to you every week about a whole host of things. Let me know what moves you, what inspires you, what intrigues you about these writings I call “From me to you …” I look forward to our burgeoning friendship, people of faith who simply are together walking a journey into the unknown.

See you in church!

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