Altar Flowers

During this time while we are only worshiping online, our flowers are limited. The information below pertains to when services are reinstated in person. In the meantime, if you’d like to donate for flowers, contact Janet Sweeting.

  • We can accommodate multiple donors on any Sunday. Cathedral flowers average a total of $225 per Sunday, often divided among more than one donor.
  • The Cathedral office will contact all flower donors ahead of the desired Sunday to determine the amount of the donation as well as to ensure accuracy in the Sunday bulletin. Donors will then receive a reminder.
  • All flower memorials are considered contributions, and therefore are tax deductible.
  • Questions should be directed to the Cathedral office: 816.474.8260.
  • Donations for door wreaths and memorial candles can also be given.


Flower Q&A

How much do flowers cost each Sunday?

Cathedral flowers average $225 per Sunday. This includes the two altar arrangements, the flowers on the baptistery reredos and the flowers on the chapel altar. (This average does not include the Christmas and Easter arrangements.)

I would love to give flowers in memory of a loved one, but I cannot afford that amount of money. Am I out of luck entirely?

Not at all. We recognize that many people cannot afford a gift of that magnitude. The Cathedral honors all memorials, large and small. Multiple memorials on any given Sunday is but one way that this can be handled.

Do the flowers have to be in memory of someone?

Not at all. Flowers can be given in thanksgiving for a child’s birthday, for blessings received, for the recovery of health, for prayers answered, for an anniversary celebration … you get the idea.

How do I go about making a flower memorial?

There are several ways:

1) During coffee hour, go to the flower chart just inside the entrance to Founders’ Hall and write your name in the space provided for the Sunday you desire the flowers. You will see that up to four families can be accommodated each Sunday. We will contact you to verify the Sunday and the details of your memorial.

2) E-mail and give the following information: Sunday date, what you want the tribute to say (in thanksgiving for …, in memory of …),  your name, your phone number and the amount you are donating.

3) Call the Cathedral office at 816.474.8260 and leave a message for Janet Sweeting.

Then how do I pay for this?

In your conversation with us, you may indicate whether you wish to make the full memorial or a portion thereof. This information, of course, remains confidential. Normally, you will be asked to make the payment in advance of the Sunday you’ve requested, and you will receive a reminder in the mail. If you prefer to pay by Visa or MasterCard, visit our online payment site.

So I don’t contact Trapp & Co. directly?

For normal Sunday morning flower memorials, that is correct. Arrangements are made through the Cathedral and you are not billed by Trapp & Co. Because you are making a memorial to the Cathedral, this tax-deductible gift will be included in your quarterly contribution statement.

I want to give flowers on or closest to the same dates each year, how do I do this?

To make those dates known please contact Janet Sweeting at 816.474.8260 or by email at to set up a notice of annual memorial. You will be contacted by mail or phone each year to confirm each memorial gift for that year.