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Cathedral Caregivers Prayer List

To place a person on this prayer list, you have several options:

  • Print this prayer request card (PDF). You can also use a prayer request card from the pews or the tract rack in the tower. Fill it out and mail or bring it in. Please note that if you choose to have your prayer request listed in the Sunday bulletin, it will also be listed here on the website.
  • Call the church office at 816.474.8260 ext. 111.
  • E-mail your request to

Requests are held in prayer for 30 days.

Please include these people as you pray this week:


Week of May 22, 2016

Intercessions for:

Pray for the Universal Church and for the diversity of communities gathered in the Name of Christ. Strengthen and protect those Christians around the world who are
persecuted or in danger. Open ways of understanding between Christians and persons of faith and of no faith.

Pray for the sick, remembering especially those on the Cathedral Caregivers’ Prayer List, the friendless, and those in need or trouble.

We give you thanks for those who have departed this life, especially those who have passed this past year from the Cathedral.

We pray for: The Family of Dick Fickle, Meribeth & Claudia Risebig, Linda Rhea, Doug Hager, Helen Telep, Cliss Mosely, Maryvec Hemingway & Family, Abigail, Heide Rue, John Brown, Bill Hawley, Rania & Family, Leslie Hoover, Kim Sturm, Jim Jandt, Marian Philip, Peg Morgan, Judy Jones, George & Donna Bently, Clare Ann Halterman, John O’Hearne, Louise Barba, Heather Brennan & Family, Kristina & Allan Moore, Peggy Wallace, Roger & Joyce Sweeting, Naketra & Daughter, Matt Chizmar, Sharon Putsch, Jim Rhea, Keith Murray, Pam Mowery, Robert Strum, Jennifer Marshall, Bonnie Garrison, Parker Monhollon, Connie Wallace, Logan Hart, Landon Thompson, Karen, Jim Royer, Joe Crawford, Dan Ervin, Kelsey, Roy Bruce, Erline Radon, Linda Hines, Lyn Jandt, Bonita White, Jody Beck, Megan, Nancy Steinle.

Intercessions for our nation and for those family members serving in the military: Adam; James Brown; Brian Chellgren; Nick; Steve Conner; Jonathan Dodge; Joshua Gordon; Connor Spake; Patrick Williams; Daniel Toven.

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