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Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral

A Servant Church in the Heart of the City

Celebrate Our Diversity


Growing Our Diversity

Our goals are to Empower Our Adults, Reach out to Young Adults in Our Neighborhood, Gather Families and Children and Connect With the Community Kitchen.




2016 Projected Expenditures


The projected allocation of our funds is shown below.




Reaching or exceeding our pledge goal of $500,000 will allow us to meet our stated goals for the coming year — Celebrating and Growing Our Diversity.







Why and How to Pledge


Giving is an act of thanksgiving to God that brings joy. Your commitment helps fulfill our mission. In order to reach our goals and to continue the ministries so vital in our community, we need your pledge.





You may —

 Pledge online at
 Return a completed pledge card to the church office.
 Bring your pledge card to church on Sunday and place in the offering.

Pledge Form

When you are done, please print a copy of this pledge form for your records.

As a steward of God’s gifts, in gratitude for all God’s blessings and to further the ministry through Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, I/we offer this pledge.

  • Please enter the total pledge amount for the year (numbers only, no dollar sign). For example, if you plan to pay $200 per month, your pledge amount is $2400 ($200 per month x 12 months) and you would type 2400 in the box.

When you are done, please print a copy of this pledge form for your records.